Code Extensions to Make Your Development Life Easier

Writing code can be a painstakingly slow process. It requires a lot of time, and that’s important since it’s time we spend at work. But there’s a whole world of tools available to help you make your job easier, whether you’re an individual or a team. A set of extensions can save you a lot of time for your software or mobile app design, not just once or twice, but every single time you work on something. So, what are code extensions?

Many tasks in the programming world must be repeated. File management, performance optimizations, and even creating extensions for common programming languages to make your life easier are examples of these tasks. Since these tasks are quite repetitive, businesses and managers frequently prefer to use applications such as tascade to generate a daily to-do list for their developers and testers and to keep track of who is doing what. Client requirements in any IT industry change frequently, and programmers are assigned tasks for the day as a result. These applications come in handy in such cases where task management tends to be an important part of work.

well! In this case, we will talk about some extensions for C++ that can make your development life easier.

What are code extensions?

Code extensions are programming tricks that let developers reuse elements of other applications. They can help developers save time, reduce the need for repetitive steps (fill in this form and hit Submit), or minimize the need for programming knowledge (just import the library and let the system do all the work).

There are a handful of things that can make your life as a developer easier. Dependency management tools, an IDE, and code analyzers are some of the most common. But there are many other extensions you can use that can make your life just a little easier.

Whether you’re getting started with development in the first place, or are just looking for the more advanced features, here are some code extensions that make your life easier:

  • Bookmarks

Here’s an easy way to make life a little easier as you develop applications: install a couple of extensions for your favorite browser. The extensions I’m talking about are bookmarklets, which are small extensions that are installed and stored as web pages for your browser. I’ve found them to be extremely useful for quickly and easily retrieving information that I need from other websites and for organizing my bookmarks for quick access. Now, the concept is not new, and the technology is not obscure; in fact, you may already have a bookmarklet installed in your browser.

  • Better comments

With so many layers between you and the actual person receiving your comment, it’s hard to know how to tell them exactly what they need to do to make your life easier. If someone posts a comment on your blog, it’s pretty much a given that you’ll respond. But how do you ensure that the comment isn’t deleted for some reason (like spam or an automated system that isn’t tuned to what you do) or that you don’t get a comment in the first place (like a new account created out of the blue)? You can’t. That’s why comments on blogs are often deleted or ignored, which makes the comment thread look pretty messy.

  • Bracket Pair colorizer

We often complain about the poor input method for in-app text selection in Android and lament the fact that you must use the “select all” button over and over for the browser to update. Now, you can use your text selection class with your selected color! This Bracket Pair Colorizer is a simple extension that allows you to choose from an array of colors for your brackets. The colors can be set to be shown before your text, after your text, or not at all.

  • Path Intellisense

Path Intellisense is a Code Extension that aims to make writing code in Android Studio easier by providing IntelliSense features to support Android SDK features. In general, the idea is to support more Android SDK features and make it easier to write Android applications.

  • Todo Tree

I’ve been using to-do-list tools for a while now, but I recently decided to try out a new family of extensions. There are tons of them out there, but I recently discovered Todo Tree, a new tool that combines the best features of some of the other tools I was using. Todo tree allows you to define your task list, and then “trees” of related tasks can be created and added to them. Tasks can be re-ordered, and new tasks can be created. Tasks can be grouped for review, and the date can be added to the task.

Technology is in a constant state of change. On any given day, you have access to services and devices that were unimaginable just a few years ago. But because technology is constantly evolving, new technologies and tools can become obsolete before you even get a chance to use them.