The Companies Freeing Us from Headphones: Fauna Audio Glasses

Back in the days of the analog Walkman, headphones were all the rage, as music was meant to be listened to through both speakers and headphones. However, the Walkman and other similar devices quickly gave way to the iPod, which could play music from several devices—and no one needed an extra pair of headphones. Sure, you could still listen to music through headphones, but you could do so with the convenience of a digital device.

Audio headsets are pretty much the pinnacle of personal technology. Whether in the form of earbuds, headphones, or ear-cups, these devices are usually used to listen to audio content (music, video, podcasts, etc.) while also blocking out noise while we’re either on the road or at our desks. But with Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and others getting into the game, the future of audio isn’t what it used to be.

What are Fauna Audio Glasses?

Glasses that help you listen through your smartphone’s speakers are nothing new, but a company called Fauna Audio is taking it one step further. The company’s Fauna Audio Glasses come with a pair of tiny earphones that you can clip to your earlobes, allowing you to listen through the phone’s speakers without carrying around a separate pair. The benefits are obvious, but the technology behind the glasses is incredibly impressive. The earphones contain small microphones that pick up audio through the phone’s speakers. The audio is then processed and transmits to the real world through a pair of tiny earphones, which are connected to the glasses via Bluetooth.

It’s the beginning of the new year, and that means a new year of new gadgets. It’s also the perfect time to take stock of the tech you regularly use — and swap out the old for the new. What if you could effortlessly find the perfect pair of glasses that fully synced with your Apple Watch? Or what if your Smart TV could learn your preferred sound settings on the spot? Or maybe your car could automatically park itself when you left the driveway? The future is now, and it’s coming to your home — but it’ll only be right if you’re wearing the right pair of glasses.

Fauna Audio Glasses is an immersive music and movie experience that relies on high quality audio and video to immerse the user in the surrounding environment. The company recently launched a beta version of its product, which consists of two sets of glasses that are connected through a set of Bluetooth and play the same movie or music simultaneously while also acting as a virtual surround sound system for the viewer.

Imagine getting great sound quality with your headphones but losing the ability to hear outside noise, no matter how loud. You will be able to listen to music or movies at medium to high volume levels without any distractions. The Fauna Audio Glasses are the world’s first noise-canceling headphones.

Advantage of Fauna Audio Glasses

We are living in a world driven by a booming technology. That’s why we frequently get new devices to enrich our lives and help us to work more efficiently. However, it would be naive to think that these innovations don’t create any negative consequences. For example, with the introduction of smartphones, we have decreased our communication efficiency with other people. Smartphones are also now used as an alarm clock, a TV remote controller, an alarm, a timer, an interactive gaming tool, and a portable music player.

Fauna Audio Glasses are a new earbud with a hi-tech twist: an infrared sensor tracks the wearer’s position and works out where the person is actually looking. This allows the wearer to hear the sound waves the earbuds generate but appears to have no effect on the sound itself. This technology will help users better understand what they are listening to and can be used to control devices simply through the look on their faces.

If there’s one thing smartphone addicts love, it’s smartphones. But many of us still lack the motivation to leave the house and head to a shop to buy new gear. A wireless smart headset is a perfect solution for people who are constantly on the go and want to listen to music while on the move. The Fauna Audio Glasses are the newest offering from Fauna International, and they’re a great alternative to Bluetooth headsets.